Election Information

16 of the 21 positions on the Sydney University Law Society Executive are elected — President, Vice President (Education), Vice President (Careers), Vice President (Social Justice), Secretary, Treasurer, Sponsorship Director, Social Directors (x2), Competitions Directors (x2), Campus Director, Women’s Officer, Sport Director, Publications Director and International Officer. Equity Officer, Queer Officer, Design Director, Marketing Director and First Nations Officer are all appointed between December and January.

All members, except those in their final year, are eligible to be nominated. SULS elections operate under an Affirmative Action policy.
The campaign period traditionally involves one week of on-campus campaigning. Elections are administered by a Returning Officer. Nominations and election announcements are declared via the SULS Weekly. In order to nominate a ticket, the person must be eligible to vote.

The spending cap for this year’s election shall be not more than $750 for a ticket. All candidates will be required to provide full disclosure of all actual expenditures and donations in-kind within 7 days of the close of voting. Breach of the spending cap or failure to comply with disclosure requirements will result in disqualification.

Please refer to the constitution for further information.