Welcome Back Drinks

There’s no better way to catch up on all the holiday news than over a cold beer and a wine or two at the law school’s all time favourite venue: Taste. Each semester, in conjunction with the Campus portfolio, SULS Socials hosts a Welcome Back Drinks for all to attend. The buzz of reacquaintance amongst the chinking of glasses is infectious as we cheers the holidays that have been and gear up for the semester ahead.


The annual Law Cruise is the most recent addition to SULS’ social calendar, taking place halfway through Semester 1. Featuring a DJ, dance floor, drinks and plenty of food, the cruise promises an unforgettable night on Sydney’s spectacular Harbour.

End of Semester Informal

Say goodbye to exams and hello to your holidays at the End-of-Semester Informal! At the end of both Semester One and Two, SULS gives you the opportunity to let your hair down and have some fun in our themed Informals. Past themes include ‘Games’, ‘HBO’, ‘It Used To Be Cool’ and ‘the Great Gatsby’.