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Questions and Answers

Hello, I am currently enrolled in LAWS6257 Public Policy (intensive over four days) The lecturer has noted that she will not be providing the powerpoint slides because "it's all in the readings provided". Is there anything we can do to get a copy of the slides?

If she had said this on day 1, we would have written everything down from the slides but we assumed (like all other subjects) we would be provided with the slides.

Thank you and we look forward to your action.

Thanks for your query. Unfortunately there is no policy that requires academic staff to upload or provide copies of slides. This is an individual decision for each academic to make. I would suggest that you provide feedback in the unit of study survey, however, as this may inform a future decision about whether to provide slides.

If you wish to discuss this further, please feel free to email me at education@suls.org.au

Where is the suls office?

Room 103 of the New Law Building. Enter from Taste down the stairs, take your first left and then your first right!


Should I buy the Legal Profession textbook (LAWS2013)?

SULS recommends that students purchase all textbooks prescribed as compulsory in their unit of study outlines. For a more affordable option, visit SULS' Allen & Overy Online Textbook Exchange to buy books second hand.

How do I join a subcommittee?

Info about how to join a subcommittee will be outlined at our Intro to Sub-Committees event on Tuesday 7 March! Also stay tuned for announcements in the SULS Weekly (sign up here to be on our mailing list).