Campus Events


The Campus Portfolio is committed to fostering a warm, fun and inclusive campus environment that is accessible to students of all ages and backgrounds. We will be collaborating with other SULS portfolios and clubs/societies to expand and diversify the activities on campus. In 2019, the Campus Portfolio will be continuing the tradition of organising Welcome Back Drinks each semester, Trivia Night in Semester 1, Happy Hours (of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks) at Taste and Wellbeing Week in Semester 2. In addition, this year, the Campus Portfolio will be working on an inaugural collaboration with Law Revue as well as organising occasional catered Campus Catch-ups amongst and across cohorts. We want every year group and every student to feel as though they have a voice, which is why our portfolio will actively engage with and utilise the cohort representatives. Through this representation, students will be made aware of events and will be able to provide feedback for the future and even give us ideas of what they would like to see happen on their campus. I look forward to working with you and your cohort representatives this year to create a campus life that we can all enjoy together and be proud of.

Tanvi Patel, Campus Director.

The Cohort Representatives for 2019 are:

LLB I: Alex De Araujo; Isla Mowbray; Julia Tran and Naren Iyer

LLB II: Calvin Kwong and Danielle Stephenson

LLB III: Dominik Strbik and Kate Ye

LLB IV: Jules Van Ratingen and Peter Xu

LLB V: Isobel McDonald

JD I -

JD II: Donna Kwon and Fiona Le

JD III: Alex Jeffares