Compass Days


The SULS Joint Social Justice/Equity Committee works with the University of Sydney’s Compass Program to encourage primary and secondary students who are traditionally less likely to participate in higher education to stay engaged in education.

Compass works with schools and students from low SES communities, understanding that students from these areas are underrepresented in the Australian higher education system. Compass organises a variety of programs throughout the year, including Literacy Improvement Tutors and Homework Club helpers, but by far one of the most valuable programs run are the Compass Experience Days.

Students are able to participate in hands on activities run by a number of different faculties, with the Joint Social Justice/Equity Committee in charge of the Law Faculty program. High school students are introduced to the technological wonders of the moot court and participate in an interactive court room session, facilitated by Sydney Law students. The participants develop an understanding of university experience – the opportunities, the social life and the challenges.

If you are interested in volunteering at a Compass Day please email and