Competitions committee

The key reason why SULS is able to offer such a wide range of competitions is because of the generous involvement of students who contribute their time to help organise and facilitate them. Becoming a part of the ‘Competitions’ committee, comprised of Internal Competitions Convenors, Intervarsity Officers and Judging Coordinators, or becoming a student judge is a great way to get involved with SULS and meet people within the ‘Competitions’ community.

Applications will be invited via the SULS weekly at the beginning of semester.

Internal Competition Conveners

Convening an internal moot or skills competition is a great way to get involved in SULS, find out more about ‘Competitions’ and get to know students from all years of the Law School!

Each internal competition is convened by two students, a more experienced or older student often being paired with a younger student. Conveners are appointed for the duration of one competition, which runs from Week 3 or 4 until Week 12 or 13 of a semester. The main duties of an Internal Competition Convener include creating draws, liaising with competitors and members of the Faculty, facilitating the day-to-day running of the competition, and organising the Grand Final. You need not be an experienced competitor or even have competed before to apply – we are, above all, looking for people who are keen and organised.

Intervarsity Officers

There are two Intervarsity Officers who hold the position for the whole year. Given the success that Sydney University Law students have had in intervarsity competitions, and the diversity of competitions on offer, this is an exciting area to be involved in. The main duties of the Intervarsity Officers are organising registration for intervarsity competitors and liaising with competitors, other law student societies, and members of the Faculty.

Judging Coordinators

There are one or two Judging Coordinators who hold the position for the whole year. The main duty of the Judging Coordinators is to find and allocate student judges for preliminary rounds of the internal moots and skills competitions and is thus ideal for those with a good knowledge of the ‘Competitions’ community.

If you have any questions, please contact the Competitions Directors at