International Events

In Semester One and Two the SULS International Portfolio hosts several casual social gatherings for international and exchange students. (Domestic students also are welcome!)

Semester One

Discover Newtown Crawl (March 23rd TBC) 

  •  Leave your wallet at home and join other international students in discovering beautiful Newtown. The crawl will start at 6pm and end at 10pm (kick-ons encouraged). It will include beer/cider at every stop and will include food stops along the way!
  • For those of you who don't know - a crawl is where you hop from one location to another having a few drinks or food at each location 
  • Tickets are $15 (includes all drinks and food for the night)
  • Only 50 tickets will be sold so PLEASE get yours ASAP.


Visa/Migration Seminar (Last Week of April or Early March TBC) 

  •  SULS aims to help you find the information you need on migration / visa details, and other necessary information. The seminar will be organised through SULS, the Faculty and SUPRA to ensure students are aware about the current legislation to work and live in Australia.

    The Migration Seminar event will be held in Semester 1. For further information please contact

Student-Staff Brunch (May before Stuvac TBC) 

  • Stressed out about final exams coming up? No problem! SULS has got you covered with a catered brunch. Come score some extra points with profs while you still can… But seriously, even though their exams are brutal, the Law School has terrific professors with big hearts! Come down for a chat, a coffee or a croissant!


Semester Two

International Dinner

  • Stay tuned!

Careers Panel

  • Stay tuned!