Internal Competitions

SULS holds Internal Mooting and Skills Competitions which are available to Sydney University Law Students only.

Though the thought of mooting for the first time can be intimidating, the internal competitions are tailored towards competitors of all levels, so there is always a competition to match your ability. While mooting is ‘individual’ and not ‘team based’ – that is, participants are scored individually – in the preliminary rounds you can ‘team up’ with a friend to ensure you will moot together. The skills competitions are conducted in pairs.

The problems which you will tackle in the moots tend to correlate with what you have learnt or are learning in your course work and so most students will move through the SULS mooting program as they progress through their studies. That said, some students do engage in a particular competition before they have dealt with that area of their law in their studies, and there is certainly nothing to stop you from doing so. Most student will take part in just one competition in a semester, however some students like to participate in two (or more!) competitions in the same semester (often a moot and a skills competition) and SULS does its best to ensure that there is not too much cross-over of dates between competitions.

The internal competitions usually run from Week 4 and finish at least a week before Stu-Vac. Generally, the competitions consist of two preliminary rounds, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and a grand-final. Registration will open in Week 1 of each semester and will close at the end of Week 2, depending on the specific competition.

Ultimately, SULS can only put on these competitions so long as there are students to participate in them. The number of competitions which SULS sustains each year is not so much a testament to the organisers, but to the number of students who compete and make each competition such fun and such a success. So take a look at what competitions are available, pick one (or two) for each semester, and get involved!

Information about each internal moot is provided below, along with winners from previous years.

Torts LAW Moot (Semester 1)

This novice moot is only open to students who have not reached any finals round in a SULS competition and offers the chance for students to receive valuable guidance from SULS’ best student judges. The preliminary question is constructed with first-time mooters in mind and will usually contain useful tips. This competition typically attracts students from LLB II and JD I.

2017 Results

Winner: Giacomo Rotolo-Ross

Runner up: Maxine Jelic

Finalists: Brendan Ma & Peter Dougherty


2016 Results

Winner: Harry Godber

Runner Up: John-Patrick Asimakis

Finalists: Declan Noble and Patrick Still


2015 Results

Winner: Patrick Hall

Runner Up: Maxine Malaney

Finalists: Jeremy Chan and Michelle Blore


2014 Results

Winner: Henry Cooper

Runner Up: Michael Peng

Finalists: Tim Smartt and Bradley Smith

Jones Day Public International Law Moot

Winners and Finalists of the 2016 Public International Law Moot

This moot is one of SULS’ most prestigious internal moots. The Competition is ‘niche’ in that it draws fewer competitors than other internal competitions, but produces a high standard of mooting. This competition typically attracts students from LLB III/IV and JD II.


2017 Results

Winner: Ruben Robertson

Runner Up: Dominik Breznik 

Finalists: Elsie Cheung & Tom St John 


2016 Results

Winner: Filip Budina

Runner Up: William Khun

Finalists: Michelle Blore and Curtis Penning


2015 Results

Winner: Michael Peng

Runner Up: Andrew Bell

Finalists: Harry Stratton and Liz Pearson


2014 Results

Winner: Sarah Ienna

Runner Up: Alice Zhou

Finalists: Sarah Krust and Eric Shi

Federal Constitutional Law Moot (Semester 1)

This moot is the most senior of SULS’ internal moots and is well respected by students and faculty alike, often drawing the largest Grand Final audience due to the high profile constitution of the bench. This competition typically attracts students from LLB IV, JD II, and higher.

2017 Results

Winner: Thomas Poberezny-Lynch

Runner Up: Ashleigh Buchanan 

Finalists: Richard Karaba & Joy Chen

2016 Results:

Winner: Michelle Blore

Runner Up: Nicola Alroe

Finalists: Gaston Gration and Krishanth Nadarajah


2015 Results:

Winner: Eric Shi

Runner Up: Maria Mellos

Finalists: Curtis Penning and Douglas Prime


2014 Results

Winner: Nicholas Condylis

Runner Up: Hayley Gordon

Finalists: Thomas Farmakis and Christopher Walsh

Clayton Utz Negotiations Competition (Semester 1)

Runners-up and Winners of the 2016 Competition

Runners-up and Winners of the 2016 Competition


This competition offers the chance to develop essential skills not on offer within the LLB or JD course and is thus ideal for students interested in practicing in corporate law. This competition attracts students from every year of the LLB and JD.

The negotiation involves teams of two students representing different parties that are involved in a legal dispute with the aim of reaching an agreement and avoiding litigation. The two teams receive a common set of facts and an exclusive set for each side, and prepare their stance and willingness to compromise on various points before the negotiation session. It requires good communication between team members and fosters the use of different styles of bargaining.


2017 Results

Winners: Sundar Odgers & Mira Odgers

Runners Up: Dylan Sherman & Luckme Vimalarajah 


2016 Results

Winners: Elizabeth Jones and Ryan Hunter

Runners Up: Pat Still and Jack Clifford


2015 Results

Winners: Samuel Hoare and Rain Hsu

Runners Up: Maxine Malaney and Jeremy Chan


2014 Results

Winners: Hanna Kim Hong and Phil Swaine

Runners Up: Hayley Gordon and Simon Hill

Henry Davis York Client Interviewing Competition (Semester 1)

2016 Winners interviewing their client, played by Richard Lyons.

2016 Winners interviewing their client, played by Richard Lyons.

This competition provides students with a practical opportunity to develop skills necessary for corporate law. The interview is a simulation of the first time a potential client visits a firm, with students competing in teams of two. It does not require competitors to have studied any particular area of law. This competition attracts students from every year of the LLB and JD.

2017 Results

Winners: Cameron Sivwright & Ishaa Sandhu

Runners Up: Callum Vittali-Smith & Ying Yi Lim 


2016 Results

Winners: Harry Stratton and Tiffany Wu

Runners Up: Lara Baker and Rebecca Matthews


2015 Results

Winners: Lucy Zhang and Alexandra Roach

Runners Up: Fiona Cheng and Michael Lau


2014 Results

Winners: Jeremy Leith and Lean Allen

Runners Up: Hayley Gordon and Simon Hill

THE First Year Moot (Semester 2)


First introduced in 2014, the First Year Moot focuses on preliminary areas of tort law and offer the opportunity for younger students to compete in teams and develop their advocacy skills in a friendly environment. This competition is only open to LLB I, LLB I/II transfer and JD I students who have not previously been involved in mooting.

2017 Results

Winners: Juliette van Ratingen & Samuel Naylor

Runners Up: Madeleine Bosler & Wendy Hu


2016 Results

Winners: Geordie Wilson and Matthew Myles

Runners Up: Jane Spencer and Shumi Ruan


2015 Results

Winners: Maxwell Sturt and Sergio Badilescu-Buga

Runners Up: Dominic Kocx and Selena Tang


2014 Results

Winners: Jethro Cohen & Jonty Katz

Runners Up: Grace Franki & Nicholas Smith

Criminal Law Moot (Semester 2)


This moot addresses controversial areas of criminal law and engages with interesting and at times confronting factual scenarios.  This Moot touches on conceptually intriguing areas of law and the fine lines between guilt and innocence. The Judges often ask confronting and thought-provoking questions, and the answers often remind students of their passion for the law. This competition typically attracts students from LLB III and JD I/II.

2017 Results

Winner: Harlan Ikin

Runner Up: Henry Gallagher

Finalists: Madelyn Smith & Callum Christodoulou 


2016 Results

Winner: Jack Clifford

Runner Up: Michelle Blore

Finalists: Ruben Robertson and Sergio Badilescu-Buga


2015 Results

Winner: Harry Stratton

Runner Up: Tim Matthews

Finalists: Nicola Alroe and Nicholas Yuen


2014 Results

Winner: John Tsaousidis

Runner Up: Curtis Pennin

Finalists: William Hanna and Winnie Liu

Herbert Smith Freehills Contract Law Moot (Semester 2)


This moot offers students the chance to engage with real world commercial law problems and is ideal for students interested in corporate law and commercial litigation. This moot will require a careful analysis of the law and facts, and will often involve putting the case of your client in a way that accords with modern commercial norms. This competition typically attracts students from LLB II and JD I/II, and is an excellent opportunity to gain experience early in your degree.

2017 Results

Winner: Callum Ryan

Runner Up: Alex Kiefer

Finalists: Codey Swadling & Janek Dreikovsky 

2016 Results

Winner: Haiqiu Zhu

Runner up: Declan Noble

Finalists: Calida Tang and John Patrick Asimakis

2015 Results

Winner: Harry Stratton
Runner Up: Eric Shi
Finalists: Jeremy Chan and Tiffany Wu

2014 Results

Winner: Tim Smartt
Runner Up: Christopher Walsh
Finalists: Rahul Arora and Winnie Liu

2013 Results

Winner: Will Hanna
Runner Up: Hayley Gordon
Finalists: Fabian Di Lizia and Jonathan Tong

2012 Results

Winner: Crista Khong
Runner Up: Miles Lee
Finalists: Millie Dale and Angus Nicholas

King & Wood Mallesons Witness Examination Competition (Semester 2)

Objection! This competition simulates the courtroom experience of Examination-in-Chief and Cross-Examination. It requires an understanding of evidence, the ability to structure a case, flexibility and quick thinking. The focus of witness examination is on asking probing questions, and demonstrating your skill in adducing oral evidence. Competitors, witnesses and judges alike all enjoy the drama, and this competition is one of the best ways to learn to think quickly, and on your feet. This competition typically attracts students from LLB IV and JD II, however it is not uncommon for students from all years of the LLB and JD to compete.

2017 Results

Winner: Thomas Poberezny-Lynch

Runner Up:  Jessica Fang 


2016 Results

Winner: Gaston Gration

Runner Up: Hannah Moseley


2015 Results

Winner: Sundar Odgers

Runner Up: Brendan Hord


2014 Results

Winner: Tim Smartt

Runner Up: Marina Lauer