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The SULS Textbook Exchange is to be strictly for the purchase and sale of law textbooks prescribed by the LLB and Juris Doctor courses offered at Sydney University. Any posts which do not adhere to this rule will be removed by the SULS.




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Selling Template

To advertise a textbook for sale, you will need to post in the appropriate channel. To do this, click on the box that says ‘Start a new topic’ at the top of the channel screen.
For the ‘Title’, please write the name of the book(s) you are selling.
For the ‘Body Text’, please write the following:

1.     Subject Name: <insert here>
2.     Textbook Name & Edition: <insert here>
3.     Author/s: <insert here>
4.     Price: <insert here>
5.     Condition: <refer to condition guidelines below>
6.     Contact details: <insert student e-mail and/or contact number>
7.     Additional information: <insert here>

To insert a photo (optional but recommended), click on the small camera icon on the bottom left hand corner of the box.
IMPORTANT: If you would like to receive email notifications when prospective buyers comment on your post, click on the small ‘eye’ icon at the top of the post.
Please note, if you are selling multiple books in the same subject category, you can put them all in the same post, rather than individual posts for each book.


·       As New: The book is in the state that it should have been in when it left the publisher – i.e. perfect condition.
·       Very good: Almost 'As New' but allowing for the normal effects of time on an unused book that has been protected. Shows no damage.
·       Good: Average used book, may show signs of wear, but untorn and minimal notation or highlighting.
·       Fair: Shows wear and tear but all the text pages are present. May lack endpapers and title page. Significant amount of notation and highlighting.
·       Poor: Has the complete text but is very damaged. However if the text has become illegible from damage then the book is not even poor.

Sold Books
When you have sold a book, please comment on your post SOLD and it will be deleted by the admin. 

If you would like a post to be deleted, please comment DELETE and it will be deleted by the admin. Any technical inquiries should be referred to 



To purchase a book, please follow the contact instructions given by the seller in their post.
If you would like to receive email notifications for a particular post, click on the small ‘eye’ icon at the top of the post.



SULS is not responsible for any misfortune or inconvenience arising from sales facilitated through SULS Textbook Exchange. SULS is acting merely as a host for these transactions and is not liable for any misrepresentations or dishonesty of those using the site.