Tutoring Services

The SULS Tutor Database helps students find a tutor, become a tutor or join a study group.

If you are seeking a tutor, please email education@suls.org.au with details of what subject/s you would like to be tutored in.

To become a tutor, you must have received a Distinction (or higher) in the relevant subject. Prospective tutors should email their CV and Academic Transcript to education@suls.org.au

SULS will contact you as soon as possible with tutors, study group mates, or students that match your request.


Please note our guidelines:

  • Tutors must have achieved a distinction in the subject.

  • It is up to the individual student and tutor to organise details such as meeting place, fee, and the length of the tutoring arrangement. Payment for tutoring services must be made on a ‘per session’ basis.

  • SULS recommends that those wishing to receive tutoring meet up with the tutor in person before committing to any financial arrangement.

  • SULS matches tutors with students. While it confirms the tutor gained a Distinction or above by viewing their academic transcript, it does not interview tutors for the database.

  • SULS takes no responsibility for students unhappy with the level of service provided by tutors or for the quality of tutoring provides, as it facilitates tutoring only. Students should stop the tutoring relationship early on if they are unhappy, rather than continuing to pay for the service.

  • The database may not be used to facilitate any form of academic misconduct.