Research Positions

Legal research officer at Aussie Immigration Services

Looking for a legal researcher to assist in a busy predominantly migration based firm. Wanting a keen student who wants to learn the migration business through research for a variety of matters. Discretion and maintenance of confidentiality is essential, as is the ability to work fast and produce quality research of Migration law, precedent and DIBP procedure.

Starting as soon as possible, casual and paid position. Would suit a second or preferably third year law student.

Please send CV describing your research experience at uni and in previous interns/clerkships and employment.


Research Assistant at Sixthfloor Selborne-Wentworth Chambers

J E Marshall SC of Sixthfloor Selborne-Wentworth Chambers is recruiting for a final year law student to assist one day per week as an effective trial to a possible full time position in 2018. 

Mr Marshall often has two assistants working each day. One is a full-time employee who has completed university. The others work one day a week and are university students. The current position is for one day per week. The object of the employment is to find somebody who would be suitable for a full time position in calendar year 2018 when the current full time assistant will have left to join a law firm. The 2018 work would be minimum 3 days per week which would allow college of law or equivalent to be completed. 

The role includes:
1. Research and preparation of cases for hearing.
2. Reviewing evidence and preparing summaries. 
3. Trial assistance (e.g. taking notes, organising documents, urgent research).
4. Liaising with solicitors and junior counsel.
5. Preparing first drafts of emails, letters and parts of advices and submissions.
6. Proof reading.
7. Administrative duties which includes non-legal tasks.

a. A final year student who will have completed university degree(s) by December 2017. The applicant is anticipated to undertake College of Law part-time in 2018. 
b. A fast typist.
c. Ability to work long hours (all work paid by the hour).
d. Good organisational skills.
e. Australian resident.

Some science, maths or economics/accounting background would assist (but is not essential).


Please send your cover letter, resume and academic transcript to