The SULS ethnocultural portfolio, headed by the Ethnocultural Officer, aims to provide support and guidance to law students identifying themselves as from an ethnic, cultural or religious minority. SULS recognises that it is essential to a student’s positive mental health and overall wellbeing that they can uncompromisingly express their ethnic, cultural or religious identity.

The ethnocultural portfolio was introduced at the beginning of 2018 to actively advocate for students of colour in the planning and execution of SULS social and professional networking events as well as create forums addressing the lack of diversity in the legal profession.

Inclusion at the law school and the wider legal profession should not require erasure of culture, ethnicity or religion. There is a profound connection between people of colour and their respective cultural or religious identity. This connection should not be diminished in attempts to ‘fit in’ at the law school. Students identifying as from a cultural, religious or ethnic minority ARE the law school.


Contact the ethnocultural officer

SULS recognises that students of colour will encounter discriminatory practices, whether direct or systemic, that other students may not. The Ethnocultural Officer is the point of contact to help students deal with, and create programs to raise awareness about, these practices.

Students of colour should not hesitate to contact the Ethnocultural Officer with any queries including those relating to mental health; job and career prospects; social and professional networking events on campus.

All students, especially students of colour, are encouraged to get in touch with the Ethnocultural Officer by email OR in-person on Tuesday/Thursday 1-2PM at the SULS Office