The SULS queer portfolio, headed by the Queer Officer (queer@suls.org.au), aims to provide support and guidance to queer-identifying (LGBTIQ) students in the law school. SULS is committed to fostering a friendly and discrimination-free environment on campus, where students can feel comfortable with who they are and what they identify as.

SULS understands that some queer students have additional pressures on them that their heterosexual colleagues may not, and thus have a queer officer to act as a point of contact to help students deal with and manage these pressures. If you do find yourself struggling, then we strongly urge you to contact the queer officer, make use of the resources listed in the equity handbook, or speak to one of the many queer-friendly societies and spaces on campus.

In addition, the queer portfolio engages the law school in current questions of social and legal justice pertaining to the queer identifying community. The portfolio will host a number of forums and other events throughout the year to raise awareness and increase understanding of these issues throughout the law school.

Queries for the Queer Officer

If you have a Query for the Queer Officer, you can use this form to ask a question and get an answer.

This can be anything from: requesting advice on coming out; job and career prospects for queer students; mental health support; queer events, socials and support on campus; SULS-specific queer enquiries; needing extensions for academic work due to personal reasons; and just needing a space for an emotional mind-dump, or to simply talk to someone who’s been through it all before!

Ask the Queer Officer a Query!