Student Support Services

The Equity portfolio is responsible for fostering an atmosphere of equal access, treatment and representation for all members. Whatever your personal circumstances, SULS is committed to supporting you and ensuring that your experience at law school is rewarding, safe, and happy.

SULS’ Student Support Services Handbook 2018 gives you an overview of the range of support services available to students on and off campus. It provides information and resources on financial support, education and professional assistance, mental wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and welfare, health and safety.

The SULS Events Code of Conduct 2019 is our policy on how members are expected to behave at all events. All members have the right to feel comfortable and safe at all times, and any conduct in violation of the code should be brought to the attention of the Equity Officer or acting Equity Officers. Alternatively, you may fill out an online concern form, which includes an option for anonymous reporting.

If you have any questions or concerns about student support, or just want to have a chat, please contact the Equity Officer, Deaundre Espejo, at