Intervarsity Competitions

The Intervarsity opportunities offered to students by ‘Competitions’ consist of “Head-to-Head” moots, between SULS and one other University, and National Tournaments.

Some of these run during Semester 1 or 2, while others run in the Winter Break or Mid-Semester Breaks.

The Sir John Peden Contracts Moot (Semester 1)

In this annual moot, Sydney University Law School takes on Macquarie University on a question of Contract Law. The moot has attracted a number of eminent judges in the past, including The Honourable Chief Justice French of the High Court of Australia and The Honourable JD Heydon AC QC. 

 The 2010 Sydney University team – Domenico Cucinotta and David Robertson (Counsel), Daniel Ward (Solicitor) – WINNERS

The 2011 Sydney University team – Christine Ernst and Daniel Ward (Counsel), Robert Pietriche (Solicitor) – WINNERS

The 2012 Sydney University team – Louise Coleman and Robert Pietriche (Counsel),  Sarah Bradbury (Solicitor) – WINNERS

The 2013 Sydney University team – Angus Nicholas and Miles Lee (Counsel), Millie Dale (Solicitor) – JOINT WINNERS

The 2014 Sydney University Team – Sarah Bradbury and Millie Dale (Counsel), India O’Neill (Solicitor) – WINNERS

The 2015 Sydney University Team – Elizabeth Pearson and Christopher Walsh (Counsel), Eric Shi (Solicitor) – RUNNERS UP

The 2016 Sydney University Team – Jeremy Chan and Patrick Hall (Counsel), Tiffany Wu (Solicitor) – RUNNERS UP

The 2017 Sydney University Team - Ruben Robertson and Henry Lim (Counsel), Alice Yang (Solicitor) - WINNERS

The 2018 Sydney University Team - Declan Noble, Haiqiu Zhu (Counsel), Nick Yuen (solicitor) - WINNERS

The 2019 Sydney University Team - Giacomo Rotolo-Ross, Isabella Fahmy (Counsel) and Peter Dougherty (solicitor) - WINNERS

Intervarsity Skills Competition (SULS v MULS) (Semester 1)

Each year, SULS hosts an inaugural Witness Examination competition against Macquarie University, providing skills competitors with intervarsity opportunities. This competition was continued in the format of a rotating skills competition.


2019 (Witness Examination)

Winner: Robert Deppeler 

2018 (Client Interviewing)

Winners: Ying Yi Lim and Callum Vittali-Smith

2017 (Client Interviewing)
Winner: Lara Baker and Rebecca Matthews

2016 (Witness Examination)
Winner: Sundar Odgers

2015 (Witness Examination)
Winner: Sam Murray

2014 (Negotiations)
Runners Up: Kate and Sam Farrell

2013 (Witness Examination)
Winner: Peter Fu

Allen & overy Private Law Moot (Semester 1)

First organised in 2014, the Ashurst Private Law Moot is a national intervarsity mooting competition hosted by UNSW Law Society. The problem question is aimed at students in the later stages of their degree and focusses on issues such as equity and trusts, particularly those looking to eventually apply for the Philip C. Jessup and Vis Commercial Arbitration Moots. SULS first competed in this moot in 2015.



Runners-Up: Declan Noble, Haiqiu Zhu, Harry Godber and Calida Tang

Patrick Still, Andrew Bell and Lucy Lester

Semi-finalists and Winners of Best Appellant and Respondent Memoranda: David Blight, Elizabeth Pearson and Eric Shi

Administrative Appeals Tribunal National Mooting Competition (Semester 2)

This competition is held in Sydney and runs from August through October

The AAT National Mooting Competition, conducted over five rounds at both state and national level, involve fact scenarios drawn from a variety of administrative law areas including immigration and citizenship, social security, taxation, veterans’ affairs and workers’ compensation.

Each round of the competition concerns a different area of jurisdiction and is adjudicated by Members of the Tribunal.

The objectives of the competition are two-fold:

  • to expose law students to the unique merits review jurisdiction of the Tribunal thereby highlighting the differences between Tribunal practice and procedure and that of the courts; and

  • to encourage law students to have an interest in pursuing administrative law practice upon completion of their legal studies.

The preliminary rounds draws and documentation is released on 27 July 2012 and the competition itself runs through August and September. The Grand Final of the competition is held in Sydney in early October and adjudicated by the President of the Tribunal, Justice Duncan Kerr, and two other Members of the Tribunal.

The Tribunal provides a travel and accommodation allowance to the two teams competing in the Grand Final. As well, the winning team and runner up team are awarded prizes and the winners are inscribed on the Administrative Appeals Tribunal National Mooting Competition Shield located at the Principal Registry in Sydney.


Winners: Sam Murray and Rebecca Dang

Castan Centre for Human Rights Moot Competition (Semester 2)

This moot features a question on the Victorian Human Rights Charter and offers students the opportunity to learn about the nature of the rights covered in the Charter, the protection offered by these laws, and the role they can play in litigation. The moot is hosted by the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law in Melbourne during Semester 2.

Applications will be invited at the end of Semester 1.

Ruben Robertson, Dominik Breznik & Grant Kynaston

Semi-Finalists: Harry Stratton and Michael Peng (Counsel)

Justice William Gummow Cup (Semester 2)

This moot features a question of equity and, in 2013, was held between SULS and the University of Wollongong, inaugurating the Justice William Gummow Cup. The moot is presided over by The Honourable Professor William Gummow AC QC, former Justice of the High Court.


Winners: William Khun, Samuel Hoare & Lucy Lester

Winners: Andrew Bell and Fabian Di Lizia (Counsel), Eric Shi (Solicitor)

Winners: Hannah Ryan and Jackson Wherrett (Counsel), Josh Santilli (Solicitor)

Baker & McKenzie National Intervarsity Women’s Mooting Tournament (Semester 2)


The Baker & McKenzie National Intervarsity Women’s Mooting Tournament is an exciting initiative that was introduced in 2011 by the SULS Competitions Directors in conjunction with the NSW Young Lawyers Special Committee of Law Students’ Societies. It is aimed at addressing the equity issues facing women at the bar and is the only national moot in which all competitors must be female. Although the traditional barriers facing women at law school and within the legal profession have generally improved such that our generation may benefit from a more equitable professional environment, the same developments are arguably yet to characterise the bar. The status of mooting at Law School as a formative experience for budding barristers may therefore be an incredibly positive mechanism to encourage greater skills development and accessibility for women to a career at the bar, and can thus be utilised to address this inequity at a grassroots level.

The Competition attracts universities from around Australia and provides an opportunity for female law students to gain advocacy experience and network with female practitioners. The moot is hosted by SULS during the Semester 2 mid-semester break. Applications will be invited at the beginning of Semester 2.



2017 - Haiqiu Zhu, Calida Tang & Joy Chen

2016 – Runners Up: Michelle Blore and Amanda Peng

2015 – Winnie Liu, Maria Mellos and Maxine Malaney

2014 – Winners: Sarah Ienna, India O’Neill and Alice Zhou

2013 – Winners: Kate Farrell, Aarushi Sahore and Connie Ye

2011 – Winners: Nadia Yetton Lim, Rachel Cao and Diana Liu

The Nicholas Cowdery Criminal Law Moot (Semester 2)

This moot between SULS and UTS features a question of criminal law. A number of eminent judges have featured on the bench in the past, including The Honourable Justice Bell of the High Court of Australia, The Honourable Justice Fullerton of the NSW Supreme Court, and Nicholas Cowdery AM QC, former NSW Director of Public Prosecutions. 


2017 - Winners: May Yang, Harry Godber & Grant Kynaston
2016 – Winners: Nick Yuen and Curtis Penning (Counsel) Ruben Robertson (Solicitor)
2014 – Winners: Maria Voleynik and William Hanna (Counsel), Elizabeth Pearson (Solicitor)
2013 – Winners: Thomas Farmakis and Eric Shi (Counsel), India O’Neill (Solicitor)
2012 – Winners: Louise Coleman and Jackson Wherrett (Counsel), Sarah Bradbury (Solicitor)
2011 – Runners Up: Domenico Cucinotta and Daniel Ward (Counsel), Louise Coleman (Solicitor)

QUT TORTS MOOT (Formerly Shine Lawyers National Torts Moot)(Semester 2)

This moot features a question of tort law and attracts teams from over 15 Australian universities. The moot is treated as a novice intervarsity moot to which SULS sends it newest, up-and-coming mooters. The moot is hosted by the Queensland University of Technology during Semester 2. Applications will be invited at the end of Semester 1.


2017 - Semi-finalists: Maxine Jelic, Jane Spencer, John-Patrick Asimakis & Callum Ryan

2014 – Winners: Henry Cooper, Elizabeth Pearson, Timothy Smartt and Bradley Smith

2013 – Winners: Proteek (Roy) Chowdhury, Thomas Farmakis, William Hanna and Alice Zhou

2012 – Semi-finalists: Nathan Hauser, Angus Nicholas, Jackson Wherrett and Isabelle Youssef

2011 – Winners: Louise Coleman, Sarah Bradbury, Mark Khunnithi and Ramya Krishnan

2010 – Runners Up: Daniel Fletcher, Glenn Kembrey, Robert Pietriche and Roisin McCarthy

The Sir Harry Gibbs Constitutional Law Moot (Semester 2)

After a hiatus for a couple of years, this moot is back! This moot will be held in Melbourne this year and will be judged by the two newest judges of the High Court, Justice Nettle and Justice Gordon. The question is one of constitutional law. The moot is held during the Semester 2 mid-semester break. Applications will be invited at the beginning of Semester 2.


2017 - May Yang, Ryan Hunter & Elijah Lim

2013 – Semi-finalists: Kevin Ngo, Lan Wei and  Dominique Yong

2012 – Winner: Angus Abadee