Research Positions

Research Assistant for Simon Butt

 I am looking for a research assistant who is at least half way through their law degree to help me with a project on anti-corruption courts in Indonesia. The main job will be obtaining and then analysing academic and other literature dealing with two topics. The first is judicial performance and its measurement, in both developed and developing country contexts, and in civil and common law systems. The second is the worldwide use of specialised courts, including anti-corruption courts.

You will also be asked to do some proofreading and data entry.

Excellent research and English language writing skills are a must. Indonesian language skills are desirable, but not a requirement.

Working hours and days are negotiable, but I expect that about one month of full time work will be available. The rate will be approximately $45 per hour.

Please email your application on 26 November to In the text of your email, please include a paragraph on why you want this research position and the skills you would bring to the tasks. Please attach your CV and academic transcript to that email.