Is MinterEllison where it all starts for you?

You should consider a career at MinterEllison if:

  • Your passion for excellence leads you to winning solutions.
  • Building relationships excites you. You see yourself outside the office, working in partnership with clients.
  • You think outside the box and embrace new ideas.
  • You want to feel empowered and be part of a high performing team.
  • Collaboration and inclusiveness are principles you value.
  • You’re looking for a Firm with a clear game plan.

If you start your career at MinterEllison, your experience in the first few years will be full of challenging and exciting work, support and mentorship, and professional and personal growth, all the while having the opportunity to develop new networks and friendships.

We invest heavily in the development and empowerment of our talent through our carefully designed clerkship and graduate programs, and look to give graduates opportunities to collaborate, innovate and inspire from day one. This investment includes a number of MinterEllison's career development initiatives that drive our success with clients, our growth, and our unique culture.

How we develop talent starting out in their career

It begins with our clerkship program

Our clerkship program offers critical and meaningful work experience, structured by a comprehensive orientation program and learning on the job to build both technical skills and commercial knowhow. Even at this stage, our clerks work closely with partners and lawyers on active matters, giving you exposure to complex and challenging work, whilst also being offered opportunities for more structured learning and development.

And really gets going for those who join our graduate program

MinterEllison's clerkship program is the main starting point for our graduate positions in all offices, however we do recruit graduates who have not undertaken a clerkship at the firm.

If you are successful in moving through to our graduate program, then a whole world of opportunity awaits you. Here's a quick overview of what's involved:

  • You will quickly feel the firm's commitment to building high performing teams and individuals. Through our development initiatives, we promote comprehensive and multi-faceted programs to empower our people to follow their chosen pathway. We also work closely with high performers to fast track their career success. With a strong focus on developing tailored pathways you will receive the guidance, training and experiences you need to excel.
  • We enable and encourage flexible and agile learning through the program by allowing graduates the opportunity to work with a range of partners across the firm and across our nine business units. It's about maximising your exposure to subject matter experts, mentors and thought leaders who play a critical role in your professional development.
  • "Stretch learning" is a core part of the program – we offer active and on-the-job challenges, supported by one-on-one mentoring, creativity and innovative thinking, relationship-building skills, commercial awareness and problem solving. This type of action learning occurs throughout the office and offsite with clients.
  • Classroom learning, through our Practical Legal Training (PLT) program incorporates a wide range of professional development activities. PLT focuses on real case studies to develop your legal and professional skills. We cover the cost of the program and make all the necessary arrangements for your application and enrolment for admission to practice.
  • You'll be encouraged to work closely with other graduates and to share your knowledge and experiences through formal and informal events. But it's not all just about work, there's plenty of opportunity to become involved in firm life through our social and sporting activities and teams. With an active and supportive culture, we encourage collaboration with your colleagues from the very start.
  • As you progress through your new career, a variety of work experience is possible. These experiences give some lawyers the chance to work in different offices, onsite with our clients across a range of industries, and through possible secondments both locally and internationally.

Interested and want to learn more? Make sure you check out our website! http://graduates.minterellison.com/