Jobs Board

Our SULS Job Board is a resource for Sydney Law School students to find paid and unpaid part-time legal roles and gain work experience. One-time volunteering roles and more long term positions are also included. Firms are welcome to send in job listings to for us to advertise on this page according to the specifications below.


Provide the following information to with the heading "Jobs Board" 


1. Title/position name
2. Start date
3. Volunteer/Paralegal/Research
4. Duration/Employment Type
5. Paid/Unpaid Work
6. Duration of ad (ads are automatically removed after 1 month unless stated otherwise)
7. Contact details, a URL/web address can be added for further information


Students who have applied and/or occupied positions advertised on the Jobs Board are strongly encouraged to fill out our feedback form. This can be done so confidentially, and your e-mail address will not be recorded upon completion.



SULS does not accept liability for any loss, injury or damage that might be incurred from persons relying on the information displayed on SULS Jobs Board. SULS does not warrant, expressly or impliedly, the accuracy, legitimacy, or reliability of the information contained on, or representations made through SULS Jobs Board.